September 22, 2022

How Akufo-Addo Tried To Woo Investors To “Crisis-Striken” Africa At UN 77th Assembly

President Akufo-Addo has assured global investors that Africa is the right place to make their investment despite the economic recession and numerous challenges the continent is going through.

Outlining the advantage Africa has over other continents, he said, “We have enough land, enough water, enough gas and enough manpower to produce enough fertiliser, food and energy for ourselves and for others”.

He added, “But, we also recognise that we cannot do it all by ourselves. Our message to the global investor community is, therefore, this: Africa is ready for business. Africa needs you and you need Africa. You need Africa because Africa is busily building the world’s largest single market of 1.3 billion people”.

According to him, there is a renewed commitment toward inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and economic integration and the intensity of the challenges faced today is only matched, like never before, by the immensity of the opportunity before Africa.

He, therefore, urged the world to see Africa as the new frontier for manufacturing, technology, and food production.

He added that “What we require now is support from the investor community for the rolling out of Africa’s lucrative agro-industry, and for the community to see agribusiness in Africa as much more an opportunity than the perceived, exaggerated risk which has been the false, but dominant narrative.”

Source: Fuseini

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