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Herbalist Defiles Teenage Girl

Nana Kojo, a 38-years-old man who happens to be a herbalist in Western Region has defiled a teenager in an attempt to cast out bad spirits away from her.

The young girl who happens to be 17 years old was sent by her father to the herbalist to drive away bad spirits else she would not be able to bear forth offspring in future.

The Social Welfare Officer of the Ellembelle District, Jonas Kabutey told the media that people go to Nana Kojo for spiritual assistance with the young girl was one of them.

In the course of performing his rituals to deliver the teenager, he inserted his manhood in her even though she told him she was a virgin and he told her that was the only way to help her.

This incident occurred three times but she kept mute because her father told her to be submissive and she also thought it was part of the healing process.

It was also made known that the herbalist promised to marry the young girl as his third wife.

The necessary medical examinations have been done on her as the Social Welfare Officer insists the case should proceed to court since the culprit wants to it be settled in the house.


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