September 27, 2022

Gabby Takes On Steve Hanke Over “Commend Gov’t” Comment

Leading Member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Gabby Otchere Darko has taken a swipe at international economist, Steve Hanke for describing his “commend government post” as a “Spoiler alert”.

On September 22, Gabby took to his Twitter page to tout the YouStart initiative of the government and called on Ghanaians to commend the government for its “handling of the country’s economy in these most challenging times”.

“The Akufo-Addo govt and, in particular, MoF, deserve the nation’s commendation for their handling of the economy in these most challenging times. Despite slump in revenues, bills are being paid, including salaries, roads being fixed, & money found for programmes like YouStart”, Gabby tweeted.

The post caught the attention of Steve Hanke who is a professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University.

He reacted by saying Gabby is living on another planet and not Ghana.

“Leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Gabby Otchere-Darko says Pres. Akufo-Addo deserves “praise” for his handling of the economy. SPOILER ALERT: Otchere-Darko must be on another planet. Today, I measure #Ghana’s inflation at a stunning 81%/yr.”

In a development, Gabby flagged the comments by the economist as doom.

He posted, “I live on the part of this planet called Ghana. I see, I feel how tough things are, especially for the average Ghanaian. I see how tough it is for Govt and the constant struggle to keep bills paid, kids in school, our lights on etc. I don’t sit far away behind my PC typing doom”.

Source: Fuseini

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