August 10, 2022

Extend The Period For Maternity Leave To Facilitate Exclusive Breastfeeding – Nutritionist Pleads

The Nutrition officer For Jaman North District Health Directorate, Mr. Addai-Yeboah Joseph has pleaded with the government to extend the 3 months of maternity leave to 6months to promote the exclusive breastfeeding agenda indicating that the exclusive breastfeeding commences from the day a woman delivers to the sixth month of the newborn baby without adding water or anything apart from the breast milk.

He advocated that the 3months maternity leave given to nursing mothers affects the exclusive breastfeeding plan because the pressure on nursing mothers at the workplace after returning to work from the 3months leave always interrupts the breastfeeding plan which affects the health of the newborn baby hence the need for government to extend the period to benefit the newborn baby and the mother.

Mr. Addai Yeboah Joseph further explained that exclusive breastfeeding is the continuous feeding of the newborn baby with only breast milk from birth to the 6th month without adding any food substance or water.

He indicated that breast milk contains all the food nutrients that are needed by babies to ensure effective growth and health status. He admonished that families must support nursing mothers to be able to practice exclusive breastfeeding successfully.

Source: Gloria Opoku

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