March 29, 2023

Expert Advises Ghanaians To Prioritise Their Security

Adib Saani, the Executive Director of the Jatikay Centre for Human Security and Peace Building, is urging citizens to pay more attention to their personal security going forward.


According To him, personal security is what everybody needs before the police.


“One can take good care of hiself more than anyone”, he said.


Speaking to NKWANTANSO show he cautioned individuals to be wary of who they invite into their homes during this era .


Adib Saani also shared, with Ghanaians, some tips on how to be safe this Easter.


“Make sure the money you keep money on you is what you need. Don’t keep all your money in one pocket; keep some in your front pockets and in your bag pack. Avoid one routine, especially those who close late. Don’t Leave Signs You Are Away; Ask a neighbor or a friend to check on your property, and remove spare keys from the outside. Beware of criminals posing as couriers, delivery riders, or service providers in an attempt to gain access to your premises.”



Source: Opoku

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