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Economic Fighters League Secedes From #Fixthecountry Movement

The Economic Fighters League (EPL) has seceded from the #Fixthecountry Movement, a pressure group that gained much support and popularity in May 2021 when the movement began only as a social media campaign seeking economic development.

During a press conference yesterday, the “radical Nkrumaist movement mobilising people at the grassroots to achieve economic freedom for all” which was part of the #Fixthecountry movement said their break-away decision premised on the fact that the leadership of the latter has lost its focus.

According to the EPL, “the brilliant, viral social media hashtag which simply captured exactly the demands of the Ghanaian youth disenchanted with the political governance system has been encroached upon by persons with parochial interests.”

The Group indicated that “the FixTheCountry conveners’ platform no longer offers a conducive environment for honest and credible mobilization. The selfish interest of some appears to be driving the movement to what we feared the most, namely, that the hard work of the numerous activists will be cultivated to the benefit of certain partisan political forces or interests.

“Our independent thought is gradually being replaced with remotely controlled thinking and accountability levels are falling worryingly. The people’s movement is being lost, and we have a duty to safeguard it,” the group said at a press briefing held earlier today”.

Source: opemsuo.com/Hajara Fuseini

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