March 15, 2023

Deputy Majority Leader Advocates For Decrease In Parliamentary Seats, Bicameralism

The deputy Majority Leader in Parliament, Alexander Afenyo-Markin, is advocating for a reduction in the number of legislators.


In his opinion, the current size of the Parliament is contributing to the exhaustion of the country’s public funds.


The first Parliament in the fourth Republic began operation with 200 seats in 1993, and 230 in 2005 and has remained at 275 seats since 2013.


According to the MP from the ruling party, there must be a limit on the number of seats in the House to save the country from some of its financial problems.


Speaking at the 2023 GIMPA Law Conference on Wednesday, March 15, Afenyo-Markin is quoted as saying, “I must say that one critical thing to look at is to put an upper limit on the number of MPs that we must elect each year. It is unpalatable that a small country like Ghana with its many financial problems has 275 MPs. 


“In contrast with all its financial muscle, Australia has 151 and 76 senators. We need a change in the law to stop the unnecessary expansion in the number of seats in our Parliament”. 


He is not the only MP advocating for a cap on the number of seats in the House.


The Majority Leader, Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, recently called for some amendments to the 1992 Constitution and captured the number of seats in the House as one of the elements of the Constitution to be rectified.


In his address, Afenyo-Markin said Ghana needs to adopt a bicameral legislature and holds the view that the Upper Chamber must be non-partisan.


“I hold the view that Ghana needs an Upper Chamber, it should be known as the House of Elders whose election shall remain non-partisan and whose primary role shall be to moderate the current parliamentary excesses and extreme partisanship. Thus the Council of State should be converted into the Upper Chamber of Parliament…I am not suggesting that the current Council of State is not helpful”, JoyNews cites him as saying.



Source: Fuseini

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