January 31, 2022

Asanteman Gold Town Project To Be Launched

The Head of Mission for the African Diaspora Forum, H.E Dr. Erieka Bennett has sought Asantehene’s consent for the launch of the “Asanteman Gold Town Project”.

According to Dr. Bennett, the project spearheaded by His Royal Majesty, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is doing well and set for its opening which will give way for more investments.

“I’m here today to get a date for the launching, we have some major people who are interested in investing in this project and they are interested only because the project belongs to the Ashanti’s.

“When His Majesty, the King of Kings talks about the project it becomes real, so all we want from the palace is the guidance and directions to make sure we are doing the right thing so that we can start doing what we need to do.”

The Head of Mission with a delegation at Manhyia relayed that, the project is an important one because it centers on Asanteman and that gives the diaspora a sense of belonging.

“Some diasporas’ have come and lost money, they want to have confidence, Your Majesty, you have given them confidence that this project will happen.”

She expressed gratitude to Otumfuo for the confidence he’s given the diaspora.

At the palace, Otumfuo was presented with a Diaspora Flag designed by a Designer and Architect, Prof Kwame Addo who is also the master planner behind the Asanteman Gold Town Project.

“A genius has designed a flag which has gone through all kinds of vetting.

“I cannot give this flag to anybody other than my King, so we came to give you the flag today, this is really history made, and the diaspora is incredibly excited about this.
“So with the flag and our Gold Town Project it really gives us something tangible as Diasporas to look forward to and to bridge and bring us back home.”

The Diaspora Flag is said to be launched next month, February.

“This flag is a combination of all the different five regions, on 02/02/22 we’re actually going to be launching the flag.”

The Asantehene expressed gratitude for their action and threw his full support for any activity related to the Asanteman Gold Town Project.

“It’s a project that I want because it will enhance the development of Ashanti, what we needed to know was whether we’re going to get the backing financially and she kept on assuring me that there are people who are interested.

“I agree to that, I just want to assure you that I’m wholeheartedly in support of the project and it’s something that as I sit here I crave for my people and therefore anything that we all can do to bring it to a success we have to do that and let it be the diaspora and me doing that, let them appreciate that I am here, I want them to be part of me and I want them to be part of my people.”

Source: Opemsuo.com/ Monica M. Appiah-Manu

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