July 15, 2022

The Broken Pipe Is As A Result Of Lack Of Maintenance Culture – Kejetia Traders Secretary

The General Secretary of Kejetia Traders Association, Mr. Rubben Amey has asserted that the Kejetia market needs to undergo a maintenance culture to avoid further deterioration.

According to Mr. Rubben Amey, the traders started complaining about some distinct issues when they first moved to Kejetia but nothing has been done about the plea.

Mr. Rubben explained that the flood at kejetia specifically at the B line (downflow) is due to a broken pipe.

“This is the sixth time this has happened at kejetia”, the management made a move to help fix the broken pipe but the required tools were not available.

The sad aspect is that, the management team at kejetia does not have the right to ask anything about the market, state officials have taken us for granted, Mr. Amen added.

Mr. Amey added up by saying the management of Kejetia market has decided to embark on an assessment to know all goods that have been lost.

Source: Opemsuo.com/ Wendy Amakye

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