NSS Opens Registration For Defaulted And Private Candidates

The National Service Secretariat has opened up registration for eligible private candidates and Ghanaian citizens who have not yet undertaken their National service after completing a tertiary institution ahead of the 2022/2023 service year.

The registration begins today, April 11, 2022, and will end on June 30, 2022.

“Eligible applicants include previous applicants who started but were not able to complete the service, private applicants who are qualified and wish to apply, and Ghanaian nationals who have studied abroad.”

Eligible applicants must therefore submit their application letters to any of the Regional offices of the scheme or the NSS headquarters in Accra.

“All applications must include a letter requesting a PIN code, certified true copy of School Certificate or Transcript, evidence of Deferment letter (if applicable), Attestation/Introductory Letter from the institution attended, a copy of Ghana card, and a copy of Student ID with original copy for checks and for Foreign students, proof of study abroad.”

These applicants will be enrolled in the 2022/2023 service year.

The National Service Act (Act 426) of 1980 makes it mandatory for Ghanaian citizens 18 years and above who have completed accredited Tertiary institutions to undertake national service to the state, the NSS noted.

Source: Fuseini

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