May 31, 2022

Henry Asante: Ghana’s Economic Status Is Too Dangerous

The Vice-Chairman of the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), Mr. Henry Asante, says the current state of Ghana’s economy is too scary.

According to him, all economic indicators show that Ghana’s economy is heading towards a crisis.

Speaking with George Opoku Mensah (Agudey) in an interview on Nkwantananso Show, he indicated that the dollar rate to cedi is in an astronomical surge, which worsens Ghana’s commerce and trade.

Mr. Asante stated that he does not buy the argument attributing Ghana’s economic hardship to global challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on the global economy, but other advanced countries did not see it because of the drastic measures put in place in response to the crisis.

The AFAG Vice-Chairman said, “Ghana’s hardship has become too much in such a way that bread and butter issues are difficult for some Ghanaians.”

He expressed worry over his civil society organization’s (Alliance For Accountable Governance) silence position on the country’s economic hardships.

“I’m highly disappointed over Ghana’s economy” he stressed.

Mr. Asante expressed dissatisfaction over the loans given to Parliamentarians to purchase vehicles for Parliamentary duties while the country is experiencing economic challenges.

He said, giving loans to other professionals such as Health and Education Workers in support of their duties will be a nice approach.

According to Mr. Asante, Government does not care about Health workers and Teachers’ welfare.

He supported the call to review the 1992 constitution as far as Professionals in the country’s welfare are concerned.

Mr. Henry Asante stated that the last constitutional review did not yield any results in terms of implementation.

He says, if the government’s welfare is not supporting Professionals, they should lay off their tools.

He expressed discontent over the rampant upwards adjustment in fuel prices.

He demanded that the government account for the heritage fund to Ghanaians.

Reacting to the purported will of the late Sir John, he said, “It too pathetic on the part of the deceased it is true”.

He indicated that individuals have entered the Achimota Forest to operate a fuel station, which is too bad.

Source: Adu Gyamfi Kumanin.

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