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Your Contributions Are Safe – SSNIT

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has dismissed claims suggesting that the Scheme may face challenges in meeting its financial obligations to beneficiaries in the future, as highlighted in the 2020 International Labour Organization Actuary Report.

Acknowledging the speculative nature of the report’s findings, the Scheme firmly stated that these projections do not align with the current realities on the ground.

Addressing journalists in Accra on Monday, Joseph Poku, Chief Actuary of SSNIT, reassured contributors that the scheme remains robust and well-positioned to cater to their needs.

“You cannot lift everything in there and say SSNIT is collapsing in the next 12 years; it is far from the truth. These are the processes…You take a period of 75 years and then, based on reasonable assumptions, you make projections. But remember, if you alter the assumptions, the results will differ. So, don’t take the report at face value; consider it alongside the underlying assumptions,” he further stated.

Mr Poku also clarified that despite occasional delays in government contributions, the government has fulfilled its commitments up to January 2024. Ongoing engagements continue to ensure sustained support.

“Monthly contributions have been paid up to January 2024,” he said, adding “While we recognize that March payments should have been made by now, it’s important to note that the government has fully covered January’s contributions, and part of February’s as well. Any delays are minimal, considering the overall timeline,” he said.

Source: CNR

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