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Help In Resolving National Issues And Not To Escalate Them– GJA President Cautions Journalists

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) is urging journalists in the country to promote consensus-building rather than stoking conflict and tensions.

In a Christmas Message, GJA President Roland Affail Monney noted that 2022 promises to be tougher, with the expected return of the contentious E-levy discussion and political actors jockeying for places in preparation for the next elections.

He said, “All this underlines the need for the media not to stoke the embers of conflict nor fan the flames of tension. Rather, they should create a consensual framework to help resolve burning national issues and scale other formidable hurdles to put the nation on a path of political toleration, democratic ascendancy, peaceful co-existence, and meaningful development!”

The GJA further stated, the media front “witnessed the display of distinctively distilled journalism,” while on the flip side, there were “ethically bankrupt practices which spell a negative image for the profession.”

The GJA praised the media for their mandate and dutiful to the public by holding duty bearers to account, exposing acts of corruption, oiling the wheels of democracy and feeding the citizens with vital news and information, including the dishonourable spectacle in Parliament over the chaotic E- levy debate.

The Message stated, “journalists will resume work from their well-deserved Christmas break re-energized and re-focused to navigate the New Year with a high sense of professionalism, and absolute fidelity to the values we hold dear as responsible media practitioners.”

“It is also customary to wish our senior journalists, editors, online editors, film editors, sub-editors, film reporters, bloggers, presenters, producers, cameramen, camerawomen, proofreaders, and social media activists a Merry Christmas and Productive New Year,” the massage stressed.

Source: Opemsuo.com/ Emmanuel Owusu Anti

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