Has The Ghanaian Government Stranded Students And Ghanaians In Ukraine?

Following the military buildup on the Ukrainian border in a bid to “annex” the former member of the USSR, many countries like the US urged their citizens to leave Ukraine through provisions of available flights.

Almost nothing or less was heard from the Ghanaian Foreign Affairs Ministry in Ghana- who was of the view that the move of predictions about the moves of Russia was only propaganda- on the way forward.

Today’s international report indicated however that a full-scale Invasion has been launched by Russia in the south, east, and north of Ukraine leaving 40 Ukrainian troops dead with dozens injured, according to the official report and 50 Russian troops killed, according to the Ukrainians.

Daily Mail reports that cruise missiles, guided bombs, and GRAD rockets took out targets from east to west – aimed at airfields, military bases, ammo dumps, and command posts including in the capital.

Today, in a tweet, Ghana’s Ministry of Interior claimed the government was concerned about Ghanaian students and other Ghanaians living in Ukraine at the moment.

But the students avers the contrary and are expressing their fears, calling on the government of Ghana to find a way to evacuate them.

Philip Bobie Ansah, President of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) in Ukraine in a media interview said, “I got in touch to find out about any progress yet still nothing has been heard from the embassy. I sent another letter to that effect still requesting a response from the embassy but they said until they hear a directive from the embassy, they cannot respond to us- that was through a phone conversation with the consular of Switzerland at the embassy and that is the message I got.

“As I am speaking now, my vice President has gotten in touch with them but hasn’t gotten any directive from the Ministry to act on. We have realised that certain embassies like India, Nigeria, etc all started advising their citizens to leave. We were expecting something similar which never came.”

“We are asking ourselves if the government of Ghana has not heard what is happening here? We keep getting scared, we really need the help of the government. As it stands now, we need to come home. I’m scared, very scared, everybody around me is scared,” a Ghanaian medical doctor in Ukraine is quoted to have told Starfm.

Philip believes the best option, for now, is to get them evacuated.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has closed its airspace following the development.

The government of Ghana says it has asked the students and other Ghanaians in Ukraine to shelter in their homes or government places of shelter while it engages the authorities, relevant diplomatic missions, and honorary consul on further measures.

Is the Government of Ghana really concerned about the welfare of the Ghanaians in Ukraine? Has The Government Of Ghana Stranded Students and Ghanaians In Ukraine?

Source: Fuseini

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