May 20, 2022

Forestry Commission Is Aware; Cheddar On Tiger Domestication

Owner of the Wonda World Estates where tigers are being domesticated, Nana Kwame Bediako, popularly known as Freedom Jacob Caesar has assured that he is keeping the two tigers through due process.

In an interaction with the media, the business mugul noted that the Forestry Commission is aware of the domestication of the wild animals in the residential area and according to him, efforts are underway to move the animals to a zoo he will be establishing for tourism purposes.

His motive for keeping the tigers is to establish a safari tourist site in Ghana.

“Not to say that these discussions haven’t been going on with the Forestry commission. We are trying our best to merge together to open a good zoo in Accra or somewhere in Ghana that will attract people when they come to Ghana so they can also go and see our Safari tourist sector and that’s why I have these animals”.

“I went in to buy these animals to add (to) the value of tourism in our country. I wanted to go into the Safari wild by making sure that Ghana becomes the first country in the whole of West Africa, East Africa and Central Africa except for South Africa that has these animals. We wanted to be the first that would have it and so I went in for the male and the female version and I have been keeping them with me for six months”, he divulged.

According to him, his intentions were never to endanger the lives of those living around and that was why he brought in experts to create a safe cage to house the tigers.

He explained that the reason for domesticating them is due to the complexity of the process in rearing them.

“When you have these animals you have to feed them when they are babies six times a day then it comes to four times and you have to train them, have someone taking care of them, veterinary, and all of that.

“I’ve gone through the right process and I brought experts from outside to create a safe cage for these animals so they don’t endanger, they don’t become dangerous to the public. That’s why I have them with me”, he said.

Some residents at the Wonda World Estates, Avenue Lincoln near the British High Commission at Ridge have expressed fear and objected to the presence of the tigers, according to a report by Daily Guide.

The Ghana Police Service says it has already contacted the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission and efforts are underway to relocate the animals to an appropriate facility.

Meanwhile, the police say, a special police team has been deployed to provide adequate security in the affected neighbourhood to ensure the safety of residents until the animals are relocated

Source: Fuseini

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