CPP defeated in 2020 elections due to poor organisation- AR CPP Sec.

The Ashanti Regional Secretary of the Convention Peoples Party, CPP, Issah Abdul Salam, has revealed that their party couldn’t perform to their expectation due to “poor organization at the grassroots level during the 2020 election, according to their assessment”.

According to him, to win the next election, their party has begun mobilizing its grassroots in every constituency and polling station.

“We have started organizing our grassroots in every constituency and polling station to make sure we win the election at the grassroots at it has been made known, you win the election if you organize your polling station”.

He made this known during his interview with Opemsuo.com earlier today.
He went on to say that as part of their strategy, they’re putting up 17 individuals at each polling station to ensure that people vote for them during elections.

He further stated that they have developed messages to be spread countrywide that, CPP is a better alternative than both NPP and NDC in the next election.
“After the organization, we have plan messages to be propagated to Ghanaians that CPP is a better alternative in 2024 elections”.

“What is disturbing in the country now is our finances, when CPP comes to power we will maximize our revenue by bringing in other inventions like amour tree plantation, wind energy, and solar energy, where we can export to raise money for the country” he added.

According to him, these “inventions will raise over 4 billion dollars annually, which is equivalent to about 24 billion cedis which can help us in our capital expenditure”.

“That means we won’t borrow much and that will help us stable our economy. This will create a lot of jobs for Ghanaians. Amour tree plantation alone can create over 100,000 jobs for the youth. These are the measures we want to discern with Ghanaians, and it will resonate with the youths” he went on to say.
He concluded by charging Ghanaians to “Sacrifice just four years for CPP and to see changes”.

Source: Opemsuo.com\ Emmanuel Owusu Anti.

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