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ECG launches a campaign against illegal connections.

The Public Relations Officer for the Ashanti Regional branch of Electricity Company of Ghana, Mr. Samson Boateng has revealed that a campaign has been launched against illegal connections nationwide.

According to him, the majority of the power supply is illegally connected in the country hence ECG is on a good path in fighting against it.

Speaking in an interview on Opemsuo radio’s Morning show Nkwantananso today, Mr. Samson Boateng explained that anyone who is found guilty will be facing the law.

He, however, listed some safety tips that will help curb power outages and electrocution.

  1. Do not erect canopies or billboards under ECG high or low voltage lines.
  2. Do not build under or near the distribution lines, keep off at a 3M distance.
  3. Do not touch the lines when they fall down
  4. Do not attempt to push over the lines when you come into contact with it.
  5. Do not put kiosks or containers near or under ECG lines.
  6. Do not drive into ECG poles; you will distract power in the neighborhood or community.
  7. Do not cut ECG cable; you will disconnect power to many people in the community
  8. Do not touch or hold a stale wire, it is risky to do so.
  9. Do not touch any loose or sage conductor; it is not safe to do so.
  10. Do not fall trees on the lines, you may distract the power supply
  11. Do not step on any exposed cable, it may be life, and doing so may be fertile.
  12. Do not climb ECG poles or transformers to change phases, you can be electrocuted or die.

Source: Priscilla Fordjour

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