COP26: UK Prime Minister calls on nations to pull out the stops as draft agreement published.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is returning to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow – urging nations to “pull out all the stops” to limit warming.

The first draft of an agreement setting out how countries will cut emissions to avoid temperature rises of above 1.5C has been published.

The agreement – or “cover decision” – sets out what negotiators hope will be the outcome of the COP26 talks. It encourages richer countries to scale up support for poorer nations.

The seven-page draft agreement focuses on adaptation – helping countries deal with the effects of climate change – and finance, a controversial issue because poorer countries blame richer countries for not contributing enough.

The agreement takes substantial steps toward limiting temperature rises and urging governments to be more ambitious in reducing emissions, According to Matt McGrath, the BBC’s environment correspondent.

The document may be just seven pages long but it attempts to steer COP26 towards a series of significant steps that will prevent global temperature rises from going above 1.5C this century.

Perhaps the most important part of that is getting countries to improve their carbon-cutting plans.

To that end, this draft decision urges parties to “revisit and strengthen the 2030 targets in their nationally determined contributions, as necessary to align with the Paris Agreement temperature goal by the end of 2022”.

Source: BBC

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