Atinka Media Journalist “Assaulted” By Police In Sekondi

Solomon Amankwah, a sports journalist with the Atinka Media Village in the Western region has allegedly been subjected to assault by a police officer, General Lance Corporal Prince Mensah following the former’s resistance to arrest after tampering with exhibits at the Sekondi Barracks.

The incident transpired in the wee hours of Monday, January 3, 2022.

The Western Regional Police Command recounts that the said Journalist parked his Nissan Sentra vehicle at the Sekondi Police Barracks around 2:40 a.m yesterday without notice to any police officer and left his ignition key inside the vehicle.

“He was later spotted searching for a piece of metal in an accident car parked at the police station, apparently to open his car. The police officer arrived at the scene at this stage and upon suspicion, questioned him about his activities and warned him to leave the barracks. Solomon Amankwah refused to leave and this compelled the police to arrest him for further interrogation”, the police narrated.

This move of the officer was met with opposition from the journalist which called for the application of a “minimum force”, a statement signed by the Head of Public Affairs Unit at the Western Regional Police Command, Olivia ET Adiku said.

It added that the profession of Solomon Amankwah was unravelled after his arrest.

The police Command assured that it is investigating the alleged assault on the journalist but warned the public not to interfere with exhibits at the police station although it is a public place with unfettered access.

Source: Fuseini

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