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Three driver unions announce fare hikes following fuel price increase

Three driver unions – Ghana Committed Drivers Association, Concern Drivers Association and True Drivers Union – have announced an upward adjustment of their fares.
But they are yet to tell the percentage by which they are increasing the fares.
They stated in a press release on Monday, June 21 that the decision was taken following the 3% increase in fuel prices.
“The resolve to adjust upward our lorry fares is in fulfillment of our statement issued on 16th May, 2021, in which we announced 20% upward adjustment in lorry fares.”
They had resolved last month to increase fares anytime fuel prices are increased.
“We have therefore resolved that any time fuel prices, spare parts, and other levies relating to road transport go up, we will also adjust our lorry fares to reflect the increment,” they had stated on Sunday, May 16.
They claim government is in the process to increase road tolls and they will bear the brunt of that.
They expressed disappointment in the government for failing to keep to its promises not to indiscriminately increase fuel prices.
“We are deeply disappointed in the government for its inability to have kept assurances given to transport operators that it will ensure that fuel prices and spare parts remain stable.

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