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Drivers Lament Over Increment In Fuel Prices.

Commercial vehicle drivers have registered their displeasure over the consistent increases in petroleum prices on the Ghanaian market.
This comes after a maximum of 3% increase in petroleum products per gallon was imposed just recently, barely a month ago, after a 13% increment in petroleum prices was imposed leading to a spike in transport fares.
The current increase is likely to reflect on transport fares if government doesn’t act swiftly according to the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers.
Meanwhile, drivers have said such increases are quite evident in terms of impact on their businesses.
“Passengers always fight with us when we inform them about new transport fares”, one driver noted.
“We incur losses. When I buy petrol at a price of ¢100, I don’t break-even much less make a profit. The government uses to announce increment on television but these days we go to the pump station to find out fuel has been increased. This is very challenging”, another driver said.
They however urged government to make adequate policies to curb the incessant increment of fuel price.
Source: Fuseini

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