The Movie Industry Hasn’t Collapsed, it’s a Downturn – Lil Win 

Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win, a multifaceted figure in the entertainment world as an actor, musician, and comedian, has underscored that the movie industry hasn’t undergone a complete collapse; rather, it has encountered a period of downturn.

Lil Win expressed his perspective on Opemsuo Radio’s Oseikrom Kwanso with Mac De President on August 23, stating, “The movie industry has not collapsed. Often, when actors experience a lull in roles, they tend to assume that the industry is crumbling. In reality, it has faced a downturn, not a collapse. If it had truly collapsed, there wouldn’t even be any short videos. This is the nature of life – there are good and bad times.”

He attributed this decline to the movie industry’s leadership, pointing out that their lack of foresight contributed to the current situation. Notably, the shift away from revenue-generating CDs has played a role, as these physical media formats are no longer as prevalent.

Lil Win also critiqued the National Communications Authority (NCA) for permitting the widespread airing of translated telenovelas on local TV stations. He called on the NCA to exercise oversight and regulation in this matter.

He further attributed the downturn to the closure of the old Kejetia market, which had served as a hub for movie distributors.

He explained, “In the movie industry, CDs were primarily distributed at Kejetia. Wholesalers would come to purchase and then distribute to places like Tarkoradi and Sunyani, among others. However, when you displace someone who has operated in the same place for years, they lose their customer base and must start anew to rebuild their clientele.”

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