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New Agreement: Tenants to pay Landlords with cooked Guinea fowls – Chief Rent Officer


It has emerged that in the existing situation, Tenancy agreements benefit landlords a lot than the tenant, according to the Chief Rent Officer Twumasi Ampofo.
“The current regulation is not stringent enough and if nothing is done about it, one day landlords will insist that you kill guinea fowl for them every Sunday,” he said after a tenant was shot dead by a landlord at Ofankor in Accra on Sunday.
“We will draft the tenancy agreement for the landlord and tenants. The rent control department and the ministry [Work and Housing] will now write the tenancy agreement for both landlord and tenant and that will benefit both parties”.
According to Mr. Twumasi Ampofo, the move is to reduce tensions between landlords and tenants which have existed over the years.
Speaking to Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Tuesday, the Chief Rent officer said reports of abuse of tenants by landlords over the years has inspired the upcoming legislation.
Meanwhile, the police say it is aware of reports that the house of the landlord who shot his tenant has been torched but no arrests have been made.

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