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Stay Off Our Lands; GAF To La Traditional Council

The Ghana Armed Force (GAF) has issued an order to the general public particularly the La Traditional Council to stay off its lands.

The caution comes after the GAF sighted a media report in which the La Traditional Council claimed that the government has released 114 Acres of Burma Camp Lands to them for development.

The claim was reportedly made during a ceremony which was performed to signify the reclamation of the said land.

In its statement, the GAF warned the “general public to stay away from all Ghana Armed Forces lands, particularly the Burma Camp lands.”

No Order To Release Land
It is the case of the Army that it has not received any directive to release the said land to the Council as peddled by them.

“The Military High Command wishes to acknowledge that there are ongoing discussions by a Committee set up by the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources to deliberate and recommend possible measures to resolve the land issue.

“However, the Ghana Armed Forces has not received any directives from the Ministry of Defence, which is our supervising Ministry, directing that the land should be released to the La Traditional Council. Neither has any government agency directed the Ghana Armed Forces to release any land to any Traditional Authority.”

According to GAF, the lands are needed for “state security”.

“Indeed, those lands remain a critical need of the Ghana Armed Forces for the preservation of State security. Whereas the Ghana Armed Forces looks forward to a peaceful resolution of the matter through the Committee’s work by government, it takes exception to the premature announcement made by the La Traditional Council as it has the potency of breaching the existing cordial relations between the Ghana Armed Forces and the La Traditional Council.”

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