October 25, 2021

 “Motivate The Youth To Venture Into Entrepreneurship”

Finance Minister Akufo-Addo’s Government Advocate (AAGA), A Youth group under the governing NPP has called for support to help the youth of the country veer into entrepreneurship instead of relying on government for employment opportunities.
According to the Chairman of the Central Regional Chapter, Dr. Michael Kyerematen, the clarion call was influenced by the economic challenges the nation is beset with, which Minister for Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, raised at a graduation ceremony of the University of Professional Studies.
According to Mr. Ofori-Atta, 60% of Ghana’s revenues is used in “remunerating some 650,000 people” a situation he described as unsuitable.
The Minister, urging the youth to find innovative means of becoming entrepreneurs noted that the government is putting measures in place to help in that regard, considering the difficulties entrepreneurs face in establishing and keeping their businesses afloat.
“This budget that we are going to be doing is going to really focus on the youth. We will have a programme in it looking at the youth and [their] demands and how we can structure…the Ghana ObaatanpaProgramme [for the next two or three years] to ensure that the youth become their own bosses, and how to become entrepreneurs” said the Minister.
Dr. Kyerematen said there would be the need to support the government bring the policy to light because “to build a national agenda for good economy the best way is to motivate more people to become entrepreneurs than seeking for employment.”
He said he is positive about the government’s efforts at addressing the challenge based on some of the initiatives they have implemented to lessen the burdens on Ghanaians including the reduction of interest rates on loans.
Below is the full statement issued by the AAGA chairman:
Education, yes, is not all about being employed but rather translating your knowledge and talents into action.
But the system in Ghana is hard for already existing entrepreneurs, left alone starters, we all know.
Now that the minister has mentioned this, trust me, he is 100% right. In Europe here and other countries there are more entrepreneurs than employees. So, to build a national agenda for good economy the best way is to motivate more people to become entrepreneurs than seeking for employment.
So, I am very sure very soon various policies will be amended very well to favour this new course because it is a step in the right direction. Its resources with various bodies will come up with flexibility among others.
The Government is and has done well for BOG to limit interest rate on loans to minimal rate better than last years.
Just like the western world, every bank has requirement u must meet for personal or business loan.
Personal loan in the Western World, your employment contract and pay slips are needed just like Ghana. And even if u have car or building, they accept as collateral for both business and personal loan, though interest rate is far better than Ghana’s. But we shall get there as a nation. We can’t use these few years of power to change everything. We need to keep sowing thus the need to retain and continue ruling for full benefits.
Let’s support Ken Ofori-Atta and I trust his team will look into various ways of motivating enterprises.
Akuffo Addo’s Government is really trying hard to make life easy, but it’s not easy for the government the truth is:
First year of administration was reviewing and various vetting yet he managed to push his first campaign message of Free SHS rolling a plus for this.
Second year he continued with other policies in the mist of reviewing and appointments 3rd year till date has been Covid.
Honestly the Government is not hiding behind COVID for anything, In the western world and more especially in Europe, many have lost jobs after working for 20 to 30yrs because of COVID they are now home.
Many companies have closed down.
The situation is also terrible in the western world with increment in fuel transportation among others.
The advantage here only is those home and those companies affected, the Government is supporting in less percentage for management till situation calms down.
But Ghana as per my above presentation, the NPP Government as a matter of fact out of the 5 years worked for only 1 year in reality as against vetting, cleaning the system against also COVID. Actual year of work was 2018 to 2019 we cannot transform much in reality.
All what has been done like Planting for food and jobs, Id1f, 1village1dam, restoration of allowances, digitisationetc we shall see the fruits well and positively affect grassroots only if we can fight to retain and continue power, then we shall see it clear and benefit.
Together We Fix Our Nation to be great and strong
Chairman for AkuffoAddos Government Advocate (AAGA)- Central Regional Office.
Dr. Michael Kyeremateng
Source: Peacefmonline.com

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