Kumasi People Do Not Support their Own – Lord Kenya 

Rapper turned man of God, Evangelist Lord Kenya, has expressed his concerns about the migration of Kumasi-groomed celebrities to Accra. He attributed this trend to the lack of support from Kumasi residents for their own talents.

In an interview on Opemsuo Radio’s Nkwantannanso with Kofi Boakye on October 19,  he described them as individuals who fail to uplift local talents and instead, tend to undermine their progress.

He emphasized the need to establish a system that could halt this migration, suggesting that honouring and acknowledging the achievements of those who are excelling in Kumasi and the Ashanti Region could inspire the upcoming generation.

“We often fall short when it comes to supporting our own in Kumasi, which compels many to leave for Accra or even give up on their dreams. Why can’t we stand by our own?”

He shared his personal journey, highlighting that he was among the few artistes to receive an award for rapping in Asante Twi, breaking barriers in the music industry.

“As one of the first musicians or rappers in Ghana to use the Asante language and win the title of Best Musician in Ghana, we broke the record in the name of Ashanti Region. Remember at that time, there was a perception about those who lived in Kumasi. So for us to go out there and win, it was something else.”

He also fondly recalled his initial meeting with the late Former President Jerry John Rawlings, who expressed admiration for his song, ‘Ye W’adwen Yie’.

“The first time I met him, I asked why he appreciated the song, and he replied that it was because people needed to make well-informed decisions. His words were memorable due to his distinct way of speaking.”

The evangelist will celebrate his 13th anniversary of being born again on October 28.


Story by Adwoa S. Danso

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