Christian Council Should Handle National Cathedral, Not Gov’t – Evangelist Lord Kenya

Lord Kenya, born Abraham Philip Akpor Kojo Kenya, a former rapper who has transitioned into an Evangelist, has suggested that the controversies surrounding the construction of the National Cathedral could be minimized if the project was managed by the Christian Council of Ghana.

According to him, the issue lies in the politicization of the project.

“The problem probably stems from the politics of it. So, if I am part of the board and the government is campaigning to build it, and I am part of it, the opposition will assume there’s a reason I’m on the board. Personally, the best solution would be to entrust it to the Christian Council. This way, the controversies will cease, and it will be for Christians,” he said in an interview on Opemsuo Radio’s Nkwantannanso with Kofi Boakye on October 19.

Lord Kenya went on to emphasize that while building a cathedral is commendable, not everyone is qualified to build one for God. He referenced the Bible, where David desired to construct a temple for God but God chose Solomon for the task.

He attributed the resignations of certain officials from the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral to their desire to protect their integrity due to the political associations involved in the project.

Recently, the general overseer of the Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and the President of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries, Rev Eastwood Anaba, resigned from the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral.

They communicated their resignation in a joint letter to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on October 12, 2023. This comes ten months after a call by the two to have the funds and expenditure of the National Cathedral project audited.

According to the letter, their call was ignored as well as subsequent audience requests with the President.


Story by Adwoa S. Danso

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