May 26, 2022

Inaugurate Attractive Policies For Economic Growth -Asantehene To Zenith

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has advised Zenith Bank Ghana Limited to initiate favorable policies which will contribute to the country’s economic growth.

He says, the introduction of convincing policies will enable the increase of customers which will ensure advancement of the business and the nation.

“Ghana is going through a form of economic crisis and therefore we will rely on companies like you to support us. You may have to come up with other plans in terms of products that you have on the market. “we also believe that you can also advise us on how best we can ginger the economy because if the economy is not running there wouldn’t be any taxes, if the economy is not turning round who is going to pay VAT. You have an association of bankers, you need to sit and come up with proposals that will help in the formulation of economic policies but if you sit there and wait for customers to be coming with monies, depositing, buying and selling and the economy is not growing then it means your business is not also growing. So we all have a responsibility.”

The advice came when the new Managing Director for Zenith Bank Ghana Limited, Mr Henry Onwuzurigbo was introduced to him at the palace.

Otumfuo urged that, the bank could target market women-magazine collaborations so as to end the practice of them keeping monies outside banking halls.

“Somewhere along the line there must have been some people taking decisions not going back to the bank again and therefore we may have to look at it again and come up with convincing programs that can still attract these monies back to the bank.”

Additionally, Otumfuo commended the contribution of Zenith in the private sector through training support programs.

“I appreciate what Zenith Bank has done in terms of the economy, you’ve given to the private sector, Small Scale in Kumasi for example you’ve made an impact.”

On his side the New Managing Director, Henry Onwuzurigbo expressed appreciation to His Majesty for his support for them throughout the years seeking for more blessings and guidance.

He assured of their best performance, “we are doing excellently well because of your blessings that followed the opening of our first branch here. I will assure you that we will try as much as possible to abide by the rules of operating bank rates.”

Source: Monica M. Appiah-Manu

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