Hon Eric  Agyemang-Prempeh Has Brought NADMO Under Limelight

The NPP has always excelled in performance whenever it is the governing Party, and this is achieved by always fielding in seasoned and mature political personalities of proven and tested intellectuals to hold public positions of trust. Hon Eric Nana Agyeman Prempeh has ever since his appointment as NADMO Director-General, consistently displayed a higher sense of honesty and integrity in office.
By way of attesting to manifestations of his astute performance as NADMO Director-General, a few achievements that have hitherto been non-existent can be cited.

In order to enhance staff operational performance, an MOU has been signed with Shangdong University of Science and Technology in China for staff training in various sectors of NADMO activities in any event of disaster.
Under this agreement, NADMO staff will have unique exchange programmes of study in this university to add more value to their knowledge and performance. Under this scheme,
scholarships will be approved for the right calibre of qualified personnel on yearly basis.
In the foresight of Hon Eric Agyeman-Prempeh, disaster management is to be brought to the grassroots and various localities. In furtherance to the above, a programme has been drawn by the Director-General to involve local communities as active participants in disaster control, rather than being passive victims to disasters and unanticipated hazards.
Couched in this idea, the Director-General has rolled out a program called “Catch Them In The Nib”, as a way of avoiding avoidable disastrous happenings. Some senior staffs from the organization have been despatched to go round schools, (Primary, JHS, SHS) teaching them about causes, prevention, and managements of hazards, as Health and Safety Some Executives Everywhere.
Schools in Ashanti, Region, Bono Region, Ahafo Region, Volta Region and Greater Region are earmarked to be the first to benefit from this policy scheme.
The remaining Regions are also on schedule, and most particularly, the arid and frequently easily vulnerable Northern Regions.
NADMO staff have, since the tenure of office by Hon Agyeman-Prempeh, received various forms of training in disaster management, and these have been through organised workshops.
In 2018 alone, over 2,185 staff received trainings from different sectors of the organization.
In August 2019, about 908 staff received training.
In the Northern Regions, staff have been trained in pre-operational workshop to manage anticipated spillage of the Bagri Dam.
This has brought drastic reduction in disaster risk in the instance of spillage of the dam this time.
Under his leadership, indiscriminate foreign travels and workshops are offered to qualified NADMO staff. During these few years, all foreign travel opportunities have been offered to staff who are of good.
Under the patronage of Hon.Nana Agyemang-Prempeh, a committee has been formed to select those who qualify to attend these trainings outside Ghana. Selection of qualified staff for foreign experience training is not done by the discretion of the Director-General alone, but by the committee formed.
In previous years, staff at NADMO used to leave the organization rather unawares, because they claim that their future in the organization cannot be certain, but Hon.Eric Agyemang-Prempeh has noticed and resolved this state of uncertainty in the organisation. He has set up a department for various forms of *training*.Their core mandate is target-specific to train both new and old staff to identify their true inborn qualities. The work of the department has brought a lot of improvement to the organization’s future credibility, as most staff have wished to stay instead of leaving.
As part of infrastructure development at NADMO headquarters, an ultra-modern mosque has been built for Muslims.
A modern canteen has also been built to serve as eatery for staff at the headquarters. This aims at halting staff loitering and lateness in returning to office during lunch break, under the guise of sourcing for food.
A workshop for the transport department has also been built to serve for both training and repairing centre purposes for the transport unit.
~Bill Boampong DARLINGTON.
TAIN Constituency.
Source: Opemsuo.com

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