Former Sege Constituency Candidate Resigns From NPP

Eunice Larsi, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) 2020 Parliamentary candidate for Sege Constituency has resigned from the party after the Parliamentary Primary.

In a letter to the General Secretary of the Party dated December 4, 2023, she premised her decision on setbacks she “would no longer want to endure” from some elements and leadership of the Party.

According to her, she has not been given a fairer ground in the Party since she decided to contest for various positions in the party.

“It is of Good intentions I wanted to serve my beloved party and my constituency but have had lots of setbacks which I would no longer want to endure. I have not been treated fairly ever since I decided to contest in the Sege constituency on the Party’s ticket and as a matter of principle. I humbly request you to accept my resignation as a member of the party.”

Delving into some of the challenges, she recounted how it all began when she attempted to contest as a constituency Women Organizer in 2018 but got eliminated two days before the election without justification.

According to her, she encountered a plethora of “petitions and machinations” to get her eliminated from Parliamentary primary in 2019 to no avail. However, she said during the 2020 General election, “Regional Chairman Mr Divine Otoo Agorhom and other Constituency executives decided to sabotage my campaign throughout on the basis that their preferred candidate didn’t win the elections. I stated all these reasons in my initial letter to the Presidency after the election upon request but did not get any response.”

Eunice further pointed to her indefinite suspension handed down in June 2023 ahead of the filing of nominations for the orphan constituencies of the NPP.

At the time, the regional executives said she had breached Article 3(5)(1)(4)(5)(6) and Article 4(7)(1)(b)(f) of the Party’s Constitution, however, Eunice says it was one of the obstacles set by her detractors.

“In the run-up to the 2023 Parliamentary race, I received an indefinite suspension letter from the constituency Executives stating various reasons a week to the initial picking of nominations forms for the parliamentary race. I sensed it was another scheme to get me out but I still fought ahead.”

Further, she said days before the primary which took place over the weekend, “The constituency Chairman Mr. Augustus Adjaottor popularly known as Chairman Spain and his executives went round telling polling station executives he cannot work with me when I win the election. On the day of election as well, super powers were sent to eliminate me from the race again and influenced the election with money and threats.”

She is the latest to resign from the party after Alan Kyerematen, a former Presidential aspirant and Minister for Trade and Industry.

Following Alan’s resignation, Ghana’s former Energy Minister, Mr Boakye Kyerematen Agyarko said it was a clarion call for retrospection by the leadership of the Party.

In a statement, he indicated that several other members of the NPP share in the sentiments of Alan who announced his defection from the Party on Monday, September 25.

According to him, Alan was bold enough to put out his sentiment, however, there remain several others who have harboured theirs in only waiting to vote against their Party in the next general election.

“At least, my brother Kyerematen has put his thoughts and feelings on paper for all to appreciate. How about the many who habour similar and maybe more petulant sentiments in their hearts but are not openly expressing same. There are many in our party today who have, out of dismay, resigned in their hearts and are only waiting to walk away from us at the ballot box.”

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