1992 Constitution, Cause Of Our Problems – Odike Calls For Change

Founder and head of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Mr. Akwasi Addai (Odike) has added his voice to the requires an established change assuming Ghanaians need to see the nation created.

He has ascribed the issues facing the Ghanaian individuals to the 1992 Constitution which he says has been a wheel for degenerate practices by lawmakers and heads of state-claimed organizations.

He accepts until the constitution is changed, Ghanaians will keep on living in destitution, and difficulty adding disorder and culture of exemption will keep on living with the country.

Our constitution isn’t awesome, if we keep up with it, we will keep on living in destitution till thy life hereafter, in case we keep up with this constitution, the hole between the wealthy and have not will continue to enlarge, there will be a lot of wilderness, the way of life of exemption, and champ brings home all the glory.

Mr. Akwasi Addai Odike went after previous President John Dramani Mahama for neglecting to carry out the report of the Constitutional Review Commission which was comprised by late President John Evans Atta Mills.

President Mahama didn’t execute the result of the Constitutional Review Commissions work since he felt that he could at this point don’t possess the ability to take from the country, he affirmed.

As per him, the Constitutional Review Commission hindered every one of the provisos in the administration structure where lawmakers couldn’t take part in degenerate practices.

He is approaching Ghanaians to change their vote example and decision in favour of him in the 2024 races assuming they need genuine change and advancement. He says Ghanaians will keep on anguish in case they continue to decide in favour of NPP and NDC.

The UPP author blamed President Akufo Addo for scheming with EC Chairperson Jean Adukwei Mensah to preclude him in the 2020 races since President Akufo Addo understood the He (Odike) will be a danger to the NPP.

Source: Opemsuo.com/ Priscilla Fordjour

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