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My Canada Comparison “Twisted” For Political Gains- Hawa Koomson

The Member of Parliament for Awutu Senya East, Mavis Hawa Koomson says her submission about rent in Canada has been “twisted and spun” for political gains.

Urging the public to disregard the contents, the Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture said she had been misrepresented.

She explained, “During the interview, I referred to Canada to illustrate that the challenges we face are part of a broader global trend. For instance, in Canada, some individuals in this post-COVID era reportedly pay over 2000 Canadian dollars for a single room self-contained, a situation I recently learned.”

According to her, the statement was not meant to downplay the hardships faced by Ghanaians “but to emphasize the universality of the issue”.

“It is therefore disheartening to witness these statements being twisted and spun for political gains.

“I implore the public to disregard these misleading narratives. I am fully aware of the challenges our citizens are grappling with, especially on the back of post-global crises such as COVID-19 and now the Russia-Ukraine war.”

That notwithstanding, she said she was working round the clock, together with the government to alleviate the hardships Ghanaians are confronting.

“Efforts continue on measures that will ease the strain on our fellow citizens example is the National Rental Assistance Scheme (NRAS) which was recently launched and is being implemented.

The well-being of all Ghanaians is of utmost importance, and I remain committed to transparent and open communication. Let us work together to overcome these challenges and build a better future for all.”

The Coastal Zone Coordinator for the Bawumia campaign team came under public backlash for a media interview she granted two days ago to the effect that Ghana is better off compared to other states.

“I heard someone say the cost of rent is expensive, let that person try Canada. A month is over $2,000 for a single. Sometimes we tend to imagine life is better outside the country. I don’t imply there is no difficulty. When you compare Ghana to other countries, Ghana is far better,” she said in the interview.

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