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Energy Ministry clears Ghc. 2.63m debt under Mahama’s regime

Energy Ministry clears  outstanding debt of  GH¢2.63 under Mahama’s regime
The government through the Energy Ministry has settled all arrears owed  Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) including GH¢2.63 billion debt under erswhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration led by former Pesident, John Dramani Mahama.
“Today at the end of 2019, all government bills with the ECG has been paid with a credit balance of GH¢500 million with ECG”, Energy Minister, Peter Amewu revealed at a recent Minister’s press briefing on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.
According to him, an amount of GH¢2 billion was paid annually to the power distribution company towards covering the debt.
“It is also interesting to note that an unreconciled additional payment of GH¢4.14 billion has also been made to various small suppliers of power producers which is yet to be credited government under the ongoing Power Reconciliation Exercise,” the Minister added.
“With an average bill payment of about GH¢100 million, the credit balance of about GH¢500 million is enough and more than enough to pay for governments bills from January to April 2020,” Peter Amewu stated.

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