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8-Year-Old Girl Defiled by Two Men

An 8-year-old girl has suffered two cases of defilement within a year. The mother of the victim appeared on the Masem programme on Opemsuo 104.7 FM, shedding light on the traumatic experiences her daughter endured.

According to the mother, the first incident of defilement was not addressed through legal channel. Instead, the perpetrator offered monetary compensation to the family as a means of resolving the issue. This non-legal resolution allowed the offender to evade proper consequences for his actions.

The second case of defilement however took a different turn due to the intervention of the Masem team. The team ensured that the responsible individual was apprehended and handed over to the authorities.

In an attempt to avoid legal repercussions, the culprit’s family and church members sought to settle the matter outside of court.

However, the Masem team stood firm in their belief that justice must prevail and advocated for the case to be handled through the legal system.

As of now, the matter remains pending in court, awaiting a fair trial and appropriate judgment.

Tthe victim’s mother expressed the difficulties she faces, particularly in terms of financial constraints. The court’s location is far from their residence, necessitating the transportation of her daughter for each court appearance. These challenges have added to the burden faced by the family during this trying time.

“I am unemployed. It is my older daughter who does some menial jobs to support the family. my husband too had an accident and so I have to be at home to take care of him,” she said.

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