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(VIDEO) Anglican Father Awards Bible Readers With Kiss

Chaplain of St. Monica’s College of Education has been filmed kissing lined up Bible readers during church service.

The Chaplain, whose name has been given as Father Larbi led the special Sunday morning service on August 15, 2021, for the final year students who will be leaving the school pretty soon.

Source from the school told that the Chaplain told the congregation made up of final years students, he was going to award the Bible readers with kisses for their devotion to the work.

According to the video intercepted by the Father had his mask hanging by one of his ears while he signaled each of the third year Bible readers to take off their masks when their turns were due.

Three were sighted in the video to have received kisses, the last person seemed reluctant but succumbed to the force of Father Larbi.

Watch the Video here: Fuseini

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