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Family Dispute Over Car Ownership Resolved Amicably by Masem Team

In a heartwarming turn of events, a family dispute over car ownership has been peacefully resolved with the intervention of the Masem team. The Masem programme, which airs on Opemsuo 104.7 FM, played a vital role in facilitating the resolution of the conflict.

The disagreement arose when Kwaku Boakye’s elder brother, who resides abroad, purchased a car that he would use during his visits to Ghana. However, Kwaku’s nephew expressed interest in using the car while his uncle was away.

Kwaku explained, “My nephew asked me for the car key, but I informed him that I only knew the location of the car and not where the key was.”

Unfortunately, the car’s actual owner returned to Ghana but fell ill shortly afterward. With the owner’s permission, Kwaku’s nephew took the car and traveled to Accra, where he remained for several weeks.

During this time, he disregarded phone calls, causing inconvenience to Kwaku and his brother, who had to resort to alternative means of transportation, particularly when visiting the hospital.

Adding to the strain, the nephew insulted Kwaku over the phone, accusing him of fighting for property. The hurtful exchange further strained their relationship.

“He questioned me about why I was fighting for property. It really hurt me, and I called him stupid for saying that,” Kwaku shared.

Complicating matters, the nephew claimed that the car owner, who is also his uncle, owed him GHS 5,000. He insisted that he would only return the car if the alleged debt was settled, citing licensing and document fees as the basis for his claim.

However, the car owner vehemently denied owing any money to his nephew. In fact, he asserted that his nephew was the one who owed him.

Thankfully, the Masem team stepped in and successfully facilitated the retrieval of the car. The owner expressed deep gratitude to the team for their invaluable assistance in resolving the dispute.

Now that the car has been recovered, the Masem team is dedicated to promoting peace within the family. They will work towards an amicable resolution between the car owner and his nephew, addressing the claims of debt and fostering understanding among all parties involved.



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