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Wife Buys Two Houses without Informing Husband 

Speaking on the Masem programme, Comfort Adwoa Serwaa shared the surprising revelation of purchasing two houses without informing her husband.

Comfort admitted that her decision to keep her house purchases a secret was influenced by her husband’s past actions.

“During the cohabitation period before marriage, he entered into a secret marriage with another woman, despite my unwavering loyalty and love for him, despite our different backgrounds. I come from the Ashanti Region and he is from the Northern Region but I still love him. ”

However, despite his previous marriage, she revealed that her husband has been a loving and devoted spouse since they officially tied the knot.

She only disclosed the first house purchase to him on the day of its final payment.

In the case of the second house, she enlisted the help of her brother, Kofi Tabiri, in an attempt to conceal the truth from her husband. As Kofi had received significant support from both Comfort and her husband, she convinced him to tell her husband that he bought the house as a gift of appreciation to them.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when Comfort appeared on Masem, accusing her brother of confiscating her property.

The story continues to unfold as further details emerge.

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