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Viral Self–acclaimed Robbers Arrested

Two self-acclaimed armed robbers are in the custody of the police after their arrest on Sunday, November 19, 2023, a statement from the police has announced.

The two who are said to operate in Aputuogya in the Bosomtwe District of the Ashanti Region have been identified a Kwame Sarpong and Ibrahim Mohammed.

The arrest followed a viral video of the two threatening harm against potential victims who would resist them during their operation.

In the said video one of them was captured sitting with a pink backpack while holding daggers he threatened to poke into the eyes of stubborn victims. He also noted that all stolen items will be packed into the bag.

The other suspect was captured with a machete leaning against a wall.

In a statement on Monday, the police confirmed their arrest.

They were rounded at their hideout at Aputuogya, the statement confirmed.

“The Police, yesterday 19th November 2023, arrested two suspects, Kwame Sarpong and Ibrahim Mohammed who were seen in a viral video with machete and knives threatening to harm whoever will resist them during robberies.”

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