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Toll Booths Coming Back; Kusi Boafo Reveals

The Chief Executive Officer of Public Sector Reforms, Kusi Boafo has hinted that the government will bring back toll booths which were suspended last year.


According to Kusi Boafo, the new toll booths will be operated electronically to reduce the ills in the system.


He disclosed this on Opemsuo radio.


Though he did not give the specific time the tolls are coming back, he hinted that measures are being put in place to bring back the tolls.


He noted that governments needs revenue to develop the country, and without revenue the country can never be developed.


I monitored the situation on the Tema Highway at a spot, within 5 minutes I counted 300 vehicles. It tells me we will get some money to develop the country.”


We are planning on a closed door meeting with some of the industry players and agencies to develop smart system to ensure the smooth and transparent means of paying the tolls”.



Source: Opoku

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