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S/R: Fulani Herdsmen to Be Ejected If …Minister Warns

Hon. Ambrose Derry, Minister for the Interior, has warned that his outfit would not hesitate to eject Fulani Herdsmen from the Savanna Region if they fail to comply with a memorandum reached with the Chiefs in the area.


According to him, the major stakeholders including the Security Council, traditional leaders and leadership of the herdsmen have had several engagements to educate them on the need to ensure their cattle do not destroy other people’s farms.


“The Savannah Regional Security Council in collaboration with the technical committee of eminent Chiefs established by the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs have had several discussions with the leadership of the Fulani Herdsmen and educated them on the need to take care of their cattle and prevent them from causing damage to people’s farms”, he indicated.


The Interior Minister was responding to a question on the floor of Parliament put before him by the Member of Parliament for Sawla Tuna Kalba Constituency, Hon Andrew Dari Chiwitey who wanted to know what the security agencies were doing about the consistent clash between farmers and Fulani Herdsmen.


According to him, “failure to abide by the rules will lead to the ejection of the herdsmen from their lands”, he warned.


He commended the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs for the formation of a technical committee to see to the integration of the Fulani people into the local communities. The technical committee he said has the full backing of the Savannah Regional Security Council.


“The initiative by the Savannah House to form a technical committee for social cohesion and integrate Fulani Herdsmen into the local communities is laudable. The initiative is also supported by the Regional Security Council to avert unnecessary clashes between farmers and herdsmen”, he concluded.


Source: Addo


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