Poor Leadership, A Challenge Of The Movie Industry

Mr. Asare Bediako a movie Director in Kumasi has disclosed that poor leadership skills have been pulling the movie industry down.
“I always say that leadership shouldn’t be fought for, we always end up by voting for the wrong leaders.Without good leaders, the activities of the movie industry can never be regulated” he added.
Speaking in an interview with Mr. Black on Kumasefie Saturday September 4th 2021, the movie Director said that the Creative Arts Industry plays a very vital role in the growth of every developing country,
But in our country, we have been left out and our leaders are quiet about it” he said.
According to Him, there should be a policy to regulate and structure the industry.
Everyone should pass through a process and learn before he or she acquires a knowledge in movie making.
He suggested that the industry players should be well united to help in their development
Listen to the interview below
Poor Leadership skills has been pulling the movie industry down – Director Asare Bediako

Source: Opemsuo.com/ Priscilla Fordjour

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