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Police Secure Injunction Against Demonstration At Jubilee House

The planned protest by a group calling itself Democracy Hub has been restrained through a court order secured by the Ghana Police Service.

This means the there-day protest which was scheduled to take place at the Jubilee House beginning Thursday, September 21 will not take place.

According to the Service, it served the injunction application at the court and successfully served the organisers.

“The Police have filed an application at the court and successfully served the organisers of a group identifying itself as Democracy Hub in connection with a planned demonstration within the vicinity of the Jubilee House from Thursday, 21st to Saturday, 23rd September 2023,” a statement from the police said on Wednesday.

Urging the public to take note, the police encouraged the organisers to abide by the court processes for public order and safety.

“As we wait for the court to determine the matter, we wish to urge the public to take note and disregard any calls from any individuals or groups encouraging them to assemble for a demonstration at the Jubilee House.”

Democracy Hub announced their protest on Tuesday at a press conference during which they accused the government of mismanaging the economy.

The organisers planned to spend days and nights at the Jubilee House noting that the requisite logistics will be made available.

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