Patient Set Me Up


I am in a great dilemma right now. I will say Dr is in trouble.

This patient came to my consulting room for a check up. She is nice and seemed like a cool woman. After attending to her, she took my number and called back a week later. I thought probably because I took proper care of her.

We became friends so I took her out on her birthday which was a week after she called me back. I didn’t intend to propose to her because she is divorced with a kid which is a red flag to me. When we got back from the birthday date, I accompanied her to her house.

She left me inside to pick a call outside but was gone for like an hour. I heard a noise and looked outside the window only to see her fighting with another dude. She had told this dude I am her brother and he wanted to come and see me. I went out but she had locked the main gate so it was difficult getting out to separate them.

Luckily, I saw the keys near the gate and opened it. What led to all of these was the guy saw us when we were entering her house. I wanted to speak to him but she didn’t want to allow me to speak which made me suspicious. We ended up quarreling over this because she beat this guy and even tore his shirt. He refused to hit her back.

After three days I went there and we had sex. I wasn’t expecting the sex but I couldn’t control myself because of how she dressed. It was a quickie because her daughter was around. I told her to buy an emergency pill but she told me she was on her safe period.

I begged her for two days to use the drug this girl said no. I know sperms can stay for three days in the Vagina but I didn’t have condom on me that day because I know I was visiting a friend.

She also had a sugar daddy which I found out three days later. She confessed and later told me they were friends. The sugar daddy bought her a taxi to use for business. Besides her phone is always busy especially from 7pm to 9pm. I didn’t see all these red flags because things went so fast.

Yesterday she told me she missed her menses. When we did the test it was positive. This means she intentionally got pregnant because she knew she was in her dangerous period. The sex happened on 26 September.

I didn’t know that this sugar daddy had shipped a car from abroad to her just last week. He is not here, they only talk via video calls. I had good intentions for her but I feel like she set me up. Is it possible she was already pregnant? I’m ready to accept the baby which she is lying to me that she will abort. I don’t want her to abort but I will ask for DNA test when the baby is born.

Auntie Abena let your fans advise me because I have already lost interest. I suspect she set me up. I know I made a mistake by trusting outward appearance and I am ready to own up for my mistake to see how this problem unfolds. Sorry for the long post.

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