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Opemsuo FM’s Wofa Yamoah blames politicians for incessant indiscipline among the Youth

Host of Adomankomasem, Wofa Yamoah Frimpong
Veteran broadcaster, Wofa Yamoah Frimpong has rebuked politicians who fail to deliver on their promises made to the electorates after winning political power.
According to him politicians across the divide should be blamed for the indiscipline among the youth who constantly defy the ban on the invocation of curses in Asanteman.
“Because politicians are not fulfilling the promises made to the youth, they are made to feel cheated and resort to the invocation of curses on these same politicians.”
Footages widely shared on social media platforms showed some aggrieved NPP supporters slaughtering a ram while others poured schnapps in Rivers as they invoked curses on top NPP executives.
“This is barbaric and uncalled for. Politicians should know that if they don’t stop the lies they keep on telling to the youth, this kind of bad behaviour will not end in our body politick”, the over seventy year old Wofa Yamoah Frimpong pointed out.
Also at Saboba in the Northern Region, the youth of the party vandalised the constituency party office following the disqualification of one, Emmanuel Kotin, a security analyst, from contesting the Saboba NPP parliamentary primaries scheduled for June 20, 2020.
The Senior Broadcaster registered his displeasure and condemned the practice which is gradually gaining roots in partisan politics while calling on the youth to also desist from such criminal activities which could land them in jail.
“Let the youth also understand that politicians are not father Christmas to do everything for them. If you destroy someone’s property, you can go to jail and your life could be messed up”, Wofa Yamoah Frimpong strongly advised.
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