NDC To Meet Feuding Asawase Factions

The Ashanti Regional Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Isham Alhassan has disclosed the regional executive members will sit to reason with factions in the Asawase constituency feud.

Some youth in the constituency organised a press conference earlier this week to accuse their Member of Parliament, Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, of sabotage.

Leader of the group, Umar Harris, told Opemsuo radio’s George Opoku Mensah, Nkwantananso show host, this began when the current constituency Chairman, Faisal Dauda, defied Muntaka’s directive and proceeded to contest in the constituency elections last year.

He claimed the MP blatantly stated that he will not work with Faisal and two other new executives he had not endorsed.

“There is division among the executives now. We are unable to make decisions. Some of the executives filed a report against the regional chairman at a police station and others dragged him to court disregarding the constitution. He is now occupied by these cases”, he told the host.

As to why the youth sidelined the party’s protocols to organise a press conference, Harris said, “the Ashanti region (NDC executives) is afraid to speak about Asawase because Hon Muntaka is a very influential person in the NDC. He is a member of NEC and a member of the SEC. We have made a lot of complaints to no avail. We chose this method because that is the last option to get our voice out there. By this, the executives will have no choice than to intervene and what we did doesn’t violate the party’s constitution”.

The MP has responded to this through his secretary to debunk any existing feud as peddled.

But the Ashanti regional organiser of the NDC in a separate interview with the Opemsuo Radio’s political show host said the regional executives had no idea of the feud in the constituency and pointed to the fact that the youth erred in organising a press conference.

“We at the regional level had no idea about this problem, we only heard it through the press conference…The constitution of the party is clear. Such complaints must be reported to the Regional Executives. If that fails, you proceed to the national level. What they are doing is creating more problems for the party.”

He noted that a series of meetings will be held among the factions and some individuals.

“We will make a decision over this very soon. We will first meet party executives at Asawase, we will meet the MP and we will also meet all persons whose names have come up in this context. After that, we will meet them together.”

He continued, “Muntaka is not the bigger party. He is the MP for just one branch of constituencies in Kumasi. There are 47 constituencies in the region and that makes me superior to him. Hon Muntaka is a leader, an MP, the Minority Chief Whip in Parliament and so he has every right to be respected but in case he errs, we are not afraid to put him to order”.



Source: opemsuo.com/Hajara Fuseini

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