Mahama Kicks Against Election Date Change

The flagbearer of Ghana’s main opposition party, John Dramani Mahama has publicly opposed the proposed election date review by the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana.

The EC is seeking Parliamentary approval to conduct the 2024 General elections in November instead of the usual December but Mr Mahama who ruled the country from January 2013 to January 2017 senses a potential foul play by the government.

According to the leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), adequate time is needed for such a review but believes the EC cannot deliver within the remaining timeframe.

“We in the NDC do not find the proposal for a change of elections from November to December as feasible or helpful and we will not be supporting same as we do not believe this is being proposed in good fate.”

“Sensing clear defeat, there is already indication that this government has begun scheming to undermine the credibility of the elections. We cannot fail to notice the sudden interest and the push by the Electoral Commission to shift the date of the elections from December 7th to November 7th at a time when it has not demonstrated its readiness to conduct even the general election.”

He urged the Commission to rather focus on making adequate preparations for the elections in December to avoid the recurrence of challenges that prevailed in the district level elections in December.

“The lack of preparedness was clearly manifested in the District Assembly elections held in December last year. Elementary lapses and shocking logistical shortfalls painted a picture of a Commission which is simply not able to undertake the elementary task of managing an election

“One would have thought that the Commission would spend its time to put its house in order and hold itself in full readiness for the assignment ahead rather than proposing bizarre changes to the voting calendar. Over a month into the election year, something as basic as the calendar of activities of the year has not yet been prepared by the Electoral Commission.”

The EC which is seeking to change the election date posits that the change will facilitate the conduct of run-off when the need be as well as afford the state the requisite time to prepare for the handing over to a new government if necessary.

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