National Youth Volunteer Programme Launched

The vice president, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has launched the National Youth Volunteer Programme (NYVP) today, April 11

The programme which was under the auspices of the National Youth Authority (NYA) is themed “Mobilising Youthful Hearts for Volunteer Service in National Development”.

It aims to drive Ghanaian Youth to demonstrate active citizenship toward National Development with the Objective to develop active citizens, foster cohesion, and create opportunities for skills development and application among young people.

The implementation of the NYVP will create avenues for young people to appreciate, understand and acquire knowledge of their cultural, economic, social, and political settings as well as imbue in the youth the spirit of volunteerism and contribute their quota towards national development.

Speaking at the programme, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NYA, Pius Enam Hadzide, said “Under the umbrella of the NYVP we shall organise the youth to apply their faculties, energies, and abilities to sectors where they are needed the most to drive National developments in one community at a time”.

He noted that NYVP will provide an institutional framework to modernise and streamline activities within the sector to ensure that resources both material and human are being maximised to address the challenges in our various communities.

The vice president noted that persons from all social classes will have the opportunity to participate in the programme.

It will also make volunteers active, responsible, and Patriotic, improve their leadership skills, personal human relations, communication, team building, and conflict management skills, empower youth fit for the job market, strong nation integration, and improved cross-cultural communication or orientation.

To be a volunteer, one must be between the ages of 18-35 at the time of application, go through the interview and selection process, must be fit, have a sound mind and have an interest in community service, have particular expertise, and accept to volunteer in any part of the country.

The programme will increase the self-confidence of volunteers, develop their emotional stability, help them jump-start their careers, provide them with career experience, enrich their Curriculum Vitae, build their social capital and bring joy and fulfilment to their lives.

Modules for the volunteer programme include Health and wellbeing modules, agriculture modules, education modules, infrastructure, Youth and Gender development modules, Environment, Climate Change, and Disaster Risk Management modules, Sports and Recreation modules, Science, Research and Technology modules, Arts and Culture modules, Entrepreneurship and Mentorship module, Governance, Conflict prevention, and peacebuilding modules and Care modules.

Source: Fuseini

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