Mahama Isn’t Ready- Ahiagbah On Honeymoon Plea

The Director of Communication of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has called on Ghanaians to reject the opposition party and their flagbearer, as they are not prepared to take over the administration of the country.

The communicator of the ruling party wrote this in a social media post in reaction to John Dramani Mahama’s plea for a “honeymoon” period after his anticipated election into power in December 2024.

Addressing attendees at a “Campus Connect” event in Hohoe on January 15, the former President who is seeking a comeback said he would need adequate time- which he termed as a honeymoon- to set the country on the right path after his election.

“And you will realize the harm that the NPP administration has done to Ghana’s economy. This country is broke, and so we will beg you that when we come into office, give us a bit of a honeymoon, let’s put things in place so that we bring the economy back onto its feet,” he is quoted to have said.

Mr Ahiagbah took to his X page to respond to the statement on Tuesday, where he asserted that Mr Mahama is not prepared for a comeback.

“H.E. Mahama wants a 4-year honeymoon in the unlikely event that he wins the election hmmmm. Would you employ someone who says please give me a job, but you must also allow me a honeymoon period to understand the job?” he queried.

“This is what JM is asking. Hmm H.E. Mahama is just not ready. He is only trying to talk his way into power. Please let us not bother with talkers, we need doers. Reject H.E.Mahama.”

Ghana will be going to the polls in December 2024 to elect a leader for the next four years. Each of the two major political parties is set with their elected flagbearers. Others are aiming to contest as independent candidates as well.

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