KsTU Organizes Special Exams for Students Unable to Pay Fees on Time

The Acting Public Relations Officer of Kumasi Technical University (KsTU), Mr. Joshua Appiah, has announced that the institution is addressing the concerns of students who missed exams due to their inability to meet the school fee payment deadline. ( In response, the university has initiated plans to conduct special exams for these affected students.

Speaking on Opemsuo Radio’s Nkwantannanso with George Adjei on August 15, Mr. Appiah explained, “Yesterday, the academic board convened to address this matter. According to the student handbook, there is no provision for deferment; instead, it outlines withdrawal. As a result, the decision was made to organize special exams for these students. It’s noteworthy that this approach is unprecedented for us.”

He clarified that the university’s decision contrasts with what is explicitly stated in the student handbook, where students in similar situations are advised to withdraw, effectively resulting in dismissal. This decision was somewhat in contrast to the university’s initial communication, which referred to the process as deferment.

To proceed with the special exams, students are required to visit their respective departments and register their names upon settling their school fees.

“Prior to registering your name, ensure that you are in good standing with the university. The registration deadline is set for August 22, and an extension is unlikely. Due to the nature of these special exams, the registration process is being conducted manually since the portal remains closed,” he stated.

He emphasized that students should not misconstrue this special exams arrangement as a recurring opportunity and urged them not to wait until the last minute for future instances.

Nonetheless, Mr. Appiah affirmed that students failing to pay their fees by the specified time would still be subject to the deferment policy.

Recently, students of KsTU who have not registered for the Second Semester of the 2022/2023 Academic Year, were asked to defer their programmes for the semester after the university made several concessions to get all students to register.”

According to the University, the deadline for the registration was extended five times after the original date on May 29, however, 648 students were found at fault at the end of the last deadline which was August 7.

Per its regulations, students who defaulted in the registration are to be withdrawn from the University but the Academic Board considered several factors and asked the affected students to defer their programmes rather.


Story by Adwoa S. Danso


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