I’ve never recovered even quarter of my investments in movies – Lil Win

Popular Ghanaian actor and comedian, Lil Win, has opened up about the financial challenges he has faced with his investments.  He expressed his frustration over the lack of return on investment from his film projects during an appearance on Oseikrom Kwanso with Mac De President.

“There is no business I have done where I have recovered even a quarter of my investment, including ‘Mr. President.’ If I don’t gift my movies to TV stations, they can’t buy them because the demand just isn’t there. In the past, people would rush to purchase CDs after a release, but that’s no longer the case.”

The actor noted that once a movie is completed, if a TV station does not purchase it, it remains unsold. He explained that despite the high production costs, the market dynamics have shifted significantly, making it harder to sell movies. “Remember, it’s not at a low price either,” he added.

However, Lil Win acknowledged that his fame has provided him with other opportunities, helping him to sustain his career.

“The name Lil Win that God gave me helps. It opens doors for commercials, music, and even people gifting me. So, I can’t just leave my movies there unsold. Despite the lack of direct sales, my fame allows me to continue thriving in the industry.”

Lil Win’s latest movie, “A Country Called Ghana,” is set to premiere in Kumasi after its recent premiere in Accra. The venue is  KNUST CCB Auditorium on Saturday, May 25, 2024.

The premiere will commence with a red carpet at 6:00 p.m whilst the movie premiere itself is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. Standard tickets are priced at GHC200, while VIP tickets are available for GHC500.

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